Our Programs


3 months to 18 months
Full and Part-Time Care (limited availability)

At Small World, our infants are cuddled, carried, and hugged. Our infant room is a place where babies feel safe, secure, and happy. Our nurturing and experienced staff develop trusting relationships with each child and family to ensure a comfortable transition into our Centre. During the course of a day our infants will engage in varied activities such as art, circle time, storytelling, and outdoor time including walks in our strollers. Baby sign-language is integrated into our program at various times throughout the day to facilitate early communication skills. Meal/snack times also offer an opportunity to develop social and self help skills. There is opportunity for free play as well, to practice skills and explore the environment.

Our infant program provides for the individual needs of each child in a safe, comfortable environment. Our staff adapt our programming to meet your child's unique schedule for eating, sleeping and playing. We respond quickly to the ever-changing needs of your infant and let them develop at their own rate. Areas of cognitive, creative, sensory, gross and fine motor play are incorporated into each infant's day. We maintain communication books for each child, which allows us to document information about your child's day and we note changes of behaviour or diet as they occur.


16 months to 2.5 years
Full & Part Time Care (min 2 days per week)

Our Toddler program provides a tender, safe, and loving environment. Our staff works with parents towards minimizing separation anxiety and helping each child develop positive relationships with our staff and with their new friends. Children are encouraged to co-operate and act independently while developing cognitive, life, and creative skills We will introduce your child to literacy, math and science through daily activities that include, but are not limited, to songs, stories, finger plays, phonics, sorting, matching, stacking, grouping and sensory exploration. The day will be a mix of organized activities and free play, allowing your child a chance to explore on their own as well as learning to focus their attention on a task for a short period.
Our caring, and qualified staff guide the toddlers through this phase of their development in a warm and stimulating atmosphere. Children may attend on a full or part-time basis depending on availability.


2.5 years to 5 years
Full and Part-Time Care (min. 2 days a week)

At Small World, our Preschool classrooms are cheerful, energetic places filed with exploration and activity. Our qualified staff provides care in a warm, stimulating environment. Group and individual activities encourage children to develop creatively, cognitively, emotionally, and physically. Through age appropriate, interactive and individual activities,, children build confidence and self-esteem. They are provided opportunities to develop appropriate social skills and encouraged positive self-expression in preparation for success in kindergarten. As good readers make good learners, we place emphasis on literacy, filling our days with songs, stories and finger plays. We introduce children to math with sequencing, grouping and patterning. Science is found through out the day in both planned and spontaneous exploration. Outdoor play and weekly Yoga classes keep our children active and healthy. We strive to provide our Preschoolers with a learning environment that provides them many opportunities to have a positive experience with learning, guiding them in a nurturing and supportive way. Part time spaces may be available.


18 monrhs-5 years
Full and Part Time (limited availability)

Our Nursery program offers a rich learning environment that places an emphasis on learning through play. This is a wonderful introduction to a structured, educational environment to prepare your child for full-time childcare and/or the school years. This program is especially beneficial for children with stay-at-home parents; as it provides the opportunity for social interaction with peers.

We will introduce your child to literacy, math and science through daily activities that include but are not limited to songs, stories, finger plays, phonics, sorting, matching, stacking, grouping and sensory exploration. The day will be a mix of organized activities and free play time allowing your child a chance to explore on their own as well as learning to focus their attention on a task for a short period.

This is a half-day program that is offered 2, 3 or 5 mornings or afternoons a week. Programs run in the morning from 8:30-12:30 a.m. Outdoor play may be limited. Lunch is included. Limited spaces available.

Kindergarten Readiness

3 to 4 years

Full and Part-Time (Oak Ridges location only)

This is a six hour day that provides children with the opportunity to become adjusted to the expectations that the school setting brings. This will include learning to sit for circle time, completing tasks, sometimes within a time period, working on long term projects to extend their learning and build upon prior knowledge and explore learning concepts in literacy, math and science.

Our Kindergarten Readiness program will ensure children use their natural curiosity to investigate and explore. Our curriculum involves a combination of different methods of teaching that includes inquiry-based learning, integrated learning, play based and structured segments of the day. As attention spans are still relatively short, there will be opportunities for children to move to and from activities in room. Children will be encouraged to participate in the whole program and will be encouraged to try new experiences.

Areas of growth will focus on personal and social development, language, math, science, art and physical well being and health. These are the areas set out by the Ontario Government's Kindergarten curriculum.

Junior and Senior Kindergarten

3 years to 6 years

Full Time / Part Time / Alternate & Half Day Programs

Our enriched kindergarten programs are designed with your child's development in mind. Emphasis is placed on teaching your child that learning is fun.

This program was designed to compliment the public school alternate day Kindergarten program in this area and is more challenging academically. Children may attend on a full-time or alternate day basis.

Before and After School / P.A. Days /March Break

Our Before and After School Program operates daily and provides a safe, fun and flexible program for children six to twelve years of age. As part of our program, we ensure that the children have at least 30 min of supervised homework. The program planning is based on the needs and interest of the children and offers many activities from which to choose: art, science, music, outdoor games and projects. We also offer full day services for this age group on professional development days, school holidays, and school closures.

Our Oak Ridges location is able to service the following schools at this time: Lake Wilcox, Oak Ridges Public School, Windham Ridge, Our Lady of Annunciation, Our Lady of Hope and Acadamie De La Morraine.

Our Richmond Hill location is able to service Beynon Fields Public School, Trillium Woods Public School, St.Margarite D'Youville Public School, and Aurora Senior Public School.

Summer Program Kindergarten

We offer a summer program for children entering Kindergarten in the fall. This program continues to develop children's independence and academic abilities. We focus on reading skills with phonics, sight words and sentence structure, as well as songs and stories. We promote self-confidence by building on the skills that the children have. Programming is planned with the children's interests in mind and includes local walking trips to the library, fire station and parks. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet friends before school starts.

Summer Program School Age (Includes academic review)

Full and Part-Time (min 2 week enrollment)

Our Oak Ridges location offers a summer program for children that will be filled with great fun, adventure and discoveries. It will provide your child (ren) an opportunity to celebrate the warm weather and explore their community while enhancing their development. Each weekly session will consist of unique programs involving some academic programming with robotics, science experiments, language, and computer fun. In addition, there is a time set aside daily to work with children, grades 1 – 6 in a structured setting, about 30-45 min most days, reviewing their past grade. This is done in the form of workbooks that cover lessons in literacy, math, social studies and science with a teacher. Please speak to the teacher if you wish emphasis on a particular subject. Programming will be planned with the children's interests in mind to help make learning in the summer fun! All sessions will include hot healthy meals, snacks, local field trips within walking distance, special shows, arts and crafts, games, cooking fun, music and water activities. We will also have special trips to exciting places, that in the past have included Black Creek Pioneer Village, Richmond Green Water Park and Hiking Trails.

It is our goal to offer the most fun possible and maintain the strictest safety in our learning environment.